MANICURE – Shaping of name and polish of your choice – $30
LUXURY MANICURE – Cuticle work with shaping of the nail, plus exfoliation with a relaxing massage and polish of your choice – $50
SHELLAC – CND shellac only, can last up to 14 days:
Manicure – $35
Pedicure – $45
French – $40
Glitter – $40
Soak off file and polish – $15
MINX – A large range of designs and lots of bright colours to choose from. They can last from 3-6 weeks, please ask for more details.
Hands – $40
Feet – $45


PEDICURE – Shaping of the nail and polish of your choice, for people who need a quick fix and don’t have much time – $35
LUXURY PEDICURE – Warm relaxing soak with cuticle work, shaping of the nail, Exfoliation and massage plus the polish of your choice – $60
CALLUS PEEL – Get rid of that rough hard skin and calluses, leaving your feet feeling amazing. Great for just before summer, or in time for winter. Keeping them soft all year around. Includes polish of your choice – $65


MANUAL TAN – Dry exfoliation of the body, tan is applied gently using mitts for an even and full looking tan – $40
SPRAY TAN – The tan solution we use is Techno Tan, 6hr & 2hr development time available:
Full Body – $45
Upper Body – $30
Legs Only – $25
(discount apply to group bookings, ask for more details)


LASH & BROW – $30
LASH PERM – Lasts 4-6 weeks – $45
LASH INFILL’S – From $35


If your problem area isn’t listed below please ask for more details.

Infrared heat treatment before a massage – $15
Full body Massage – $80
Back, neck and shoulder -$65
Back massage – $60
Indian head massage -$58
This treatment includes work to the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back. It is deeply
relaxing and revitalising, which provides many benefits, such as relieving stress, tension, insomnia,
headaches and migraines


1 treatment – $40, 6 treatments -$220
Hopi ear candles provide a relaxing treatment, creating a soothing pressure, pain relieving sensation
in the ear and head area. Ear candles work by coursing a light suction action (chimney effect) this
with the movement of the flame creates a vibration in the ear canal generating a massage-like
effect on the ear drum. This can cause a warm pleasant feeling and balance of pressure within the
ears, forehead and sinuses. Its helpful for earache, headache, ear noise, stress and nervousness,
this treatment can also cause freer nasal breathing and improved sense of smell. A course of 6
treatments is recommended for best results.


From $15
Great for adding much needed moisture back into the skin very soothing and relaxing to the skins
surface, can help with most skin complaints. Please ask for prices on other body areas.


Please ask for more details
Special occasion- from $100
Cleanse tone and makeup- $75
Make up lesson-$60


From $110
Conditions apply subject to consultation.
Please ask for more details.


Eyebrow – $18.00
Eyebrow reshapes – $25
Upper lip or chin – $15
Side of face – $18
Whole face inc (eyebrow) – $45
Full leg – $45
Half leg – $25
Ankle – $15
Underarm – $20
Full arm – $30
½ arm – $20
Chest – $35
Back – $55
Full stomach – $25
Stomach line – $12
Bikini line – $22
G string – $35
Brazilian – $45
XXX (front to back) – $50
Full body excluding face – $150


From $15
Small gems added to the surface of the skin after waxing. Lots of different designs available in a wide
range of colours.


Lip or chin –$15.00
Side of face -$25.00
Patch/spot -$9.00


Every skin Deserves extra care.

Eve Taylor professional aromatherapy skin &body care products used within selected treatments.
The eve Taylor range of pure essential oils are the No1 selling professional aromatherapy brand
New to Australia established in the UK
Suitable for every skin type, age & gender

Mini facial-$45
For people who need a quick pick me up but are busy with everyday life includes a mini massage

Luxury facial-$80
Just what you need to relax and unwind after a long day, includes a mini massage

Deep clean facial-$90
Get rid of all the unwanted blocked pores and let your skin feel clean and baby soft then relax ,
includes a mini massage

Especially for men – $55
Facial designed just for men includes a mini massage.

Teenage Facial- $45
Everything you need as a teenager, including advice on your skin care routine and more.

Eye Contour Masque – $35
Great for tired eyes, helps to plump and firm fine lines around the eye, draws superficial toxins
leaving the skin soft and glowing. Includes a cleanse and moisturisation.

Lip Contour Masque -$30
Great for smokers and sun damage around the lip area, smooth’s out fine lines and impurities leaves
the skin plump and firm includes facial cleanse and moisturisation.

Signature facials – from $90
Eve Taylor products used especially for your skin type.

Specialised facials –from $110
Luxury facial including a massage and advance products to help your skin be the best it can be.
You could have a collagen plumping treatment, or you can have a firming treatment, anti-ageing.
Anything you might like it can be tailored to your skins needs.
Please ask for more details and information.


Full body exfoliation (includes shower) –$60

Full body exfoliation (includes shower) and body moisturise – $80

Full body exfoliation and paraffin body wrap – $110

Self heating body wrap- $150

Eve Taylor, Amazing Body wrap, using Laminaria, spirlina and marine silt, it helps to firm and tone
the body’s skin cells, they also have respective sliming, re-mineralizing and moisturizing properties.
Shower included

Body firming massage -$85.00
Using essential oils to firm the body’s cells, it helps to improve weaknesses in connective tissues,

promoting circulation through proper oxygenation and drainage of toxins, improving skins
suppleness and elasticity.

Bust firming treatment-$55.00
This treatment is to help firm underlying muscle tone and improve, it helps to improve weakness in
the connective tissue, encouraging good circulation and appearance to the skin.

Marine mud body wrap-$115.00
Finely ground calcified seaweed has a high absorbency into the body, rich in calcium and
magnesium, boron, iodine, zinc, copper ,selenium and cobait. All these minerals restore tone and
give vitality to the body, whilst helping to cleanse and detoxify. Shower included

Ice tone (legs& thighs) treatment-$70.00
A smoothing treatment for tired, aching and restless legs. The treatment has a cooling and calming
effect allowing discomfort and heaviness to be dissipated. Firming contours to leave legs feeling
lighter and re energized.

Packages and Pamper Nights

Holiday count down – $107
Half leg wax
Underarm wax
Bikini wax
Eyebrow wax
Eyelash tint
File and polish (hand or foot)

Prom/party – $45
Eyebrow wax
Eyelash tint
File and polish to hands and feet

Tan-tastic evening -$35
Each minimum 4 people
Full body spray tan

Create your own party
Birthdays, weddings or girly get together? You name it I will plan it
Price start from -$45.00